Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year post

I do want to post more often in 2014. I also want to finish the pile of WIP and ones that are in my head too! (there are at least 6 there in my head)

I've been working on Celtic Solstice. I have 4 blocks on my design wall and am thinking I should have stuck to the darker Blues on it. Some of my Blues are patterned and are too light. I've not put them together yet, and am thinking on it.

The large white triangles are facing the WRONG way, they should be pointy side in, I have changed that, but didn't take another pic.

Today I will sew some more on it, get some more of the blocks up on the design wall and shoot a few more pics. I love the subtle secondary designs that are going to be visual in this quilt.

I realized after I posted this picture that the points were in the wrong way. I kept looking at it and couldn't figure out what was wrong.

DH thinks these lighter blues need to be taken out too. I can see the difference when I put all darks up there. The secondary circles are showing up.

So I guess I will be ripping and resewing this week. Sunday into Next week we will be having '0' degrees, and 6-10 in of snow. Tuesday they are saying a high of 2! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????
We have had more cold weather and snow this yr than the last few that's for sure!

Stay warm!


  1. Oh nooo, hate ripping out! But it's so satisfying when it's all re-stitched and looks amazing :) You get so much done, I don't know how you can possibly have any WIPs lying around :) 6-10 inches of snow = lots of tea and sewing time!! xx

  2. Your blocks have a watercolor look to them, very pretty. Good luck with all your reworks, it is going to be stunning.