Friday, December 27, 2013

For You Tammy!

A friend of mine was c/o of her sewing room being messy and she sent me 2 pictures…. I only wish that my sewing room was that neat! I still have not cleaned all of my fleece out of the dining room where I cut PJ bottoms. I have 4 UFO’s in my sewing rm and one on a bed in the spare bedroom bc it needs borders and then quilting. That’s what I’m claiming.

But today DH wanted to go to this town near us Waynesville, Oh and I love the Fabric Shack! I bought a lot of fabric. However, I dropped my grand teen off at her house after she spent the night w us. We had gone to the Nutcracker the night b4. While there (for 10 min!) I managed to leave my purse behind! If DH hadn’t of had some cash, I wouldn’t have been able to buy anything.  My hero! He gave me a $100, and I spent $99.80!

future projects
 So I got a Moda fabric bag. Says I’m a fabricholic…. Now why would they say that????


Now what’s on my sewing table is the mess uh quilt in progress from Bonnie's Celtic Solstice. Of which I am so far behind, that I have stopped working on any of my other UFO’s/WIP to try to catch up.


spare bedroom overflowing shelves.
And no that's not all of it, I have some over flow, and some in the closet!

WIP, and Future projects.......
I thought i should share my current project, Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice .
I am behind. But I'm hoping by the end of today to start on Part 5....I'm using the Pinwheels as my Leader ender, now that I have finished the 4 squares. They were the leader ender for the pin wheels...
Now I have to finish the Chevrons! and assemble them.
 I think the saving of the "bonus" triangles is part of the slow down.

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  1. Love all those purples in your mystery quilt!