Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solace.... Not happening yet....

Oh I want it to, I have picked and resubsituted colors, compiled them.... Bought my rulers On BLACK FRIDAY! (OMG why??? did I go out on Black Friday to a MALL!)

But I just can't get it accomplished and get my other projects done for Christmas.

I am still in the middle of the WILD WOMEN's quilts....Almost done piecing them! 3 of the 4 are ready to have backing's made and quilted. But the only use I am getting out of my Long arm is to have fabric from it!

When I realized we have 22 days till Christmas and I have to supposed to, promised to make 3 pairs of Jammy pants for my Adult Children.... out of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA fleece!

That really has to come first. So I'm going to stop or not starting to work on this &Leave my Fabric choices piled up for Celtic Solstice Mystery, and do my TO DO projects first.

 SIGH !!!!


  1. It is hard to resist but good on you. This will keep and you can jump in when all the other projects are finished. I'm just using Celtic as leaders and enders right now while I finish other stuff.

  2. Carolyn, Love the colors you picked for CS. Christmas presents are the most important and especially out of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA for adult children. Mine still whine when they don't get their Christmas jammies! Go figure, I tried to teach them to sew.

  3. Fun Christmas project! Hopefully you can get those done and then join in.

  4. I am not doing it yet either. But I am printing the directions and saving them for "someday".

  5. I understand your predicament! I try to take vacation when Bonnie's mystery rolls around just so I CAN do it! LOL I admit it, I'm a Bonnie junkie! LOL