Sunday, December 22, 2013

What am I doing!????

WHAT am I doing???? well finishing is not one of my strong points.... starting is. This post was actually written about 2 weeks ago! I can't even post on time!

So far since starting on the 3 pairs of jammy pants, I have bought more material to make a few more for the daughters of my DH.  I've finished part 1 of Bonnie hunters mystery quilt

And started on Part 2

I've bought more fabric bc it was on sale, and planned in my head a new quilt, yet to be cut, just planning it.Probably will be buying more fabrics for it.

We also were dealing w a lot of snow for this early in December our winter has already started. The last 2 yrs have been lighter snows, truly not more than an inch. I think so far our snow totals are 6 in. maybe not officially, but that's what I'm shoveling.

This is actually a picture of the supposed "dusting" which for us was an additional 3" on top of the 4-6 we had the week b4. Lovely to sew while it's falling though

While I was out shopping this week/antique/junk shopping I came across a treadle, I don't know how old it is, but seems to have all of it's parts. The cabinet was interesting as it closed, and the sewing machine folded down into it. I thought it was pretty so I took some photos. I saw this at the  The Covered Bridge Antique Mall. In Cincinnati, Ohio. I included the link in case anyone wants more info. I had to ask about the price, they said $175.00 The cabinet is in need of a cleaning and polishing, but is intact. Decals are pretty good, and the spindle parts look like they are all there. No idea on the age,


  1. You have been up to lots! The snow picture is lovely and it is wonderful seeing the pictures from NYC! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best wishes for 2014.

  2. Happy to see someone else that has trouble finishing. My list of start is huge-finishing-not so much. I have substituted purple for the blue in the BH quilt and haven't even touched block 2-but I have worked on all the others. I am hoping to finish 1/2 of the requirements and make a wall hanging.