Friday, March 14, 2014


 Recently I commented on a FB post on Quiltville's open studio about several Featherweights that I own.
I have 6 and would like to sell 4 of them. So after messaging back and forth w 2 ladies, I decided I needed to write a new post w pictures of the machines I have for sale.

So here goes. This is a 1946 Scroll face. She runs well. I've used her, and despite the handle on the case it is a strong tape job! I have bought parts for my machines here: 221 parts and they are honest and have a fast turn around.Even for little screws for the bobbins! A new handle will cost about $20.00, but frankly I just didn't worry about it. It's true what they say, grey tape can hold the world together.
AG881282:I'm selling her for $250.00

The next machine is a 1945 AG527124
She has practically no decals, but her box is nice and she runs! I actually took her to my senior quilt group last week. She was a little hesitant but after a few stitches, she was right there too! As you can see most of her decals are worn off in the front and there are a lot of pin scratches. However her box has been replaced at some time because it looks brand new. I'm offering her for $250.00

Millie Has been sold.
Millie is a 1949 machine that came to me with a seamstresses information, or at least it seems that way Her number is AJ192236. She has been used a lot, but still runs. She has a lot of attachments that I have no idea what they are or what they do! I really only quilt! Occasionally I might do a hem or a seam. She has a newer case, but for some reason it has a poke hole through it, obviously a SPINDLE problem. Millie has a lot of attachments and despite her (age) scratches on her decals, she still sews wonderfully. I'm offering her for $250.00

box with spindle hole. 

Sale Pending 
The last one is by far the nicest! she doesn't have any attachments, and her decals are almost spotless.AM162337 is a 1955 ( early 1955 from what I can tell) and I doubt that she was used much. However she does have a original booklet. Because I paid the most for this one, and she is the nicest. I would like to get $300.00 for her. 

 If you are interested in any of these machines you can contact me through here. I do have a pay pal account. I would expect the buyer to pay for shipping. It can be calculated on FedX. or UPS. I will not ship this through the US postal system, or out of the lower 48 states. (sorry my intercontinental


  1. I love the last featherweight you have posted. I may be interested in her. Can you show me a few stitches she made? I know I want a featherweight but know very little about them. Can you tell me more? What should I know?

  2. One more thing, how do you pack her for shipping? Bonnie Hunter has mentioned she has received some very poorly packed.

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  4. Did the $300 featherweight sell? Do you have the 1945 featherweight still-the one with the new box? My husband has problems with mold, and the old featherweight boxes often had mold in them, as I've discovered. I'd love to have a featherweight, and I think I can swing it now. (We chatted about this several months ago.)
    So email me!