Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Amy's quilt

Now that Christmas has come... and almost gone, I can share a quilt I made this past summer for my DD3 It is a Bonnie Hunter class "Jared takes a Wife" or Blackford's Beauty. You can see the pattern HERE
This is my DD3 on the left, me in the center, and DD2 on the Rt.
I had made the quilt in patriotic colors bc DD3 is in the Army Reserve Band. But bc she is a "Girly Girl" I thought she would like something a little different on the back. So here is the back of the quilt draped over my Short arm. Boy they make a good display too!
This is her first look at the quilt!
And a close up of it  while I was binding it.


  1. Great quilt! Very patriotic and pretty! You are talented. It takes a lot of patience (said the lady who watched her mother quilt for hours when she was a little girl). Nice job. A'Pal

  2. Mom-
    Thank you so much for this quilt. It's been on my bed every single day since Christmas and I love it.