Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shopping and Christmas Lights

Today was interesting I left the house at 8:45 AM for a Dr appt for myself and BIL, and didn't really get bakc home till 8PM! After both the Dr appts we were done at 11:00 so we left our house to do what retired people do, dropped off a birthday present to my oldest, talked to my sick grandteen told her to drink more teas! (I think she has the flu, or maybe a really bad cold) She's been sick all week. Then we went up to Lebanon, Oh to pick up some glasses that I had held for me.

Then it was on to Waynesville Oh to one of my favorite quilt stores The Fabric Shack. I wasn't planning on buying anything but maybe some remenants. I found 2,
Oh but I wasn't done. I found a WHOLE rack of reduced fabrics. I am planning some quilts (in my head so far) for my granddaughters the ones we call the "Wild Women". (ages 10 and 5) there are 4 of them when they are together they are really WILD! So I think Imight be able to use these to help me make those quilts.
But since we were antiqueing i also bought these:
to add to my salt and pepper collection. I think they are really cute. now I need a cute place to keep them! DH also bought something too. a Christmas ornament.
However we wern't done yet. Since we were so late leaveing Waynesville, we drove to Clifton mill to see the light show. Really nice. I have pics on my phone, but I'm not sure I can post them here.
It's learning as I go!

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