Friday, December 28, 2012

Last Friday in 2012

I've been sitting here since 6:30 AM doing this and that on the computer. you know checking email, paying bills, looking up how to do the Kichtner (SP) stitch for my sock that I finished MONTHS ago. Just the usual. I thought I would jot down a few more notes about my day.

I checked out Easy Street step 6 and it does look easy and fast. I also worked a bit on my trip around the world quilt yesterday, but I seem to be missing a strip. I have to figure out the borders w/o it. BC I have looked everywhere.

But first this AM I am taking one of my DGD shopping at JUSTICE For GIRLS. she has some $$ and gift cards to spend. I think we might go to Chick-Fillet also. Then she has a Dr appt so her mom is going to scoop her up afterwards. I think I'm going to be able to snatch her little sister for a quick trip into Target to keep her occupied while Big Sis sees the Dr. hopefully that will be fun.

This Afternoon then I'm going to work on Easy Street, and MAYBE start planning some quilts for the "WILD WOMEN" or the DGD's there are 4 that are about the same ages 9-10 and 5!

Well that was a fun 4 hrs! The younger of the two was great to shop w, calm and talkative. I have no idea what she was talking about 1/2 the time. But she really wanted to go into MICHAEL'S! I was surprised. Her mom said she likes the stickers and the beads. I found some marked down stickers, and 3 of those black velvet marker drawings. Maybe her mom won't totally hate me.

However on the way home from the shopping area (about 4 mi from my home) I called DH to ask if I needed to stop and pick up anything. 'NO just come on home'. I'm whooped so no problem from me. When I get home he says "We need to go get gas!" I didn't say it, but I could have done that, met you there... or whatever. But no about 1/2 hr after I get home, I'm driving back up to the same shopping center for gas. The lines were long and the gas was about 0.15 cents more than at another place. There was a method to his madness. He really wanted to go to that store, bc he had bought new Christmas lights at the other grocery (we get our gas at the Grocery too, they have a filling station) That's how he found out that the gas was cheaper else where. He just wanted to get more Christmas lights. I could have stopped, bought the dang lights for him, and then gone to the OTHER store for the gas.... BUT NOOOOO. We were able to fill up both car and truck and 2 gas cans for $2.50, bc we had points at the gas station store (gotta love Kroger!)

The other big reason to get gas tonight is there is a winter storm coming over night. We will get freezing rain then snow.... Lovely to drive in.

 I did get some time on Easy Street, w about 1/2 of the black on White Bricks accomplished. I have never used white on Black fabric b4 and am surprised at how interesting it looks!

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