Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy street update

here's  my version of Bonnie Hunters Mystery Quilt  Easy Street! I used her colors because I am insecure in my own color choices.They are also colors I don't as a rule use. It was help the economy with purchasing lots of fabrics!
Part One was a billion 4 squares. Really 194 4 square sets It just seemed like a billion! They kept coming and coming!

Part 2 of Easy Street was a little simpler, just make Flying goose sets... Lets just say it right now there are MANY ways to make flying goose sets. I hate them all! I don't like the wonky bias, No matter what I tried, I was throwing away fabric (ok I was really storing it in my srap pile pictures to follow). Bonnie ahs a wonderful tute on the Easy street web. So I bought the EZ triangles and it was an EASY! they really went together well, and I only threw out 1-2 sets.... sometimes it is the user that is the problem:(

Part 3 WOW it really went together fast... After I threw out the First 64 triangles, because I read the directions wrong :( (well they went into my scrap pile) I cut the Strips then cut squares. I didn't use the EZ angle to cut the triangles.... OOPS. user error!! after that it went together very nicely. I did have to do some trimming because I was rushing to cut those triangles and I wasn't as accurate as i should have been I still need to trim the corners off.

I can see how the colors will blend and contrast together already! It is getting excited.


  1. I agree, it is getting exciting! Keep up the blogging!

  2. Your patches look fantastic. Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!

    1. YES I can't hardly wait. I need to get finished w a binding on a wuilt b4 Christmas, don't want to say more about it here. but can't wait for tomorrow.