Friday, December 21, 2012

I didn't get finished with part 4 of Easy street, close but not finished. Now Part 5 is posted, and I am under the weather. Plus my 3 Adult Children are coming over for cookie making today. Last night I was in Cookie Armageddon as my DD called it.
And this is what it looked like.... past tense bc I did clean it up before going to bed. I made doughs for Choc chip (w splenda) Snicker doodles w splenda and w/o 2 batches each, wedding cookies, Choc Snowballs, And plan on making 1 more batch of regular choc chip dough today.

After I finish some sewing, clean the dining room table, put stamps on the Christmas cards (no I'm delinquent there too don't care) and I have a Dr appt at 1:00.

Back to me being under the weather, every year I seem to get a few sinus infections that branch out into Bronchitis. This past summer I was sick for 2 months, on Prednisone twice, And lost my voice. So here it starts again. I saw an ENT in Oct and he said to come back when it starts up again. Offered me surgery for a deviated septum and bony process that is blocking my nasal passage on one side. Doesn't guarantee that it will fix the problem, so I opted not to at this time. BUT here I am sick again. I know me and it will linger and do the same thing with the holidays here I am more interested in getting an appt.

See you on Monday for the Linky!

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