Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Street Part 4

So today is linky day with Bonnie Hunters EASY Street quilt. I seem to be very busy lately, and didn't get them completed as I planned. But I have a lot finished, still need to trim corners and square a few up. Even with all of the tricks to keep my seams straight I have a tendancy to DRIFT! Which throws the size off, rip and sew again then takes place.

So while I was out shopping last week I was in The Fabric Shack (Sorry I don't know  how to put a link in something I will have to learn more about) I was mentioning to my husband how I liked this one brand of ruller bc it doesn't slide on me. The EASY Angle (ruler does slip on me)
the clerk suggested this product:

I tried it on my Easy Angle Rulers and it worked really well

but it made flipping the ruler to the other side harder.
So I added one of the smaller inner circles to the opposite side. The Turquise on the green cutting board was no help either! However I was able to get all of  my 64 Flying Geese done, and here they are waiting to be trimmed and pressed. I still need to add the other flying Geese to it so I am far from completed.
There is another product that I have yet to test, but purchased when I read it on Thread Head blog.It is Glue dots. Tempary adhesive dots used in scrapbooking. She was using it to hold a quilting Template in place they were a lot less expensive, although a pit thicker than the  True Grips. they were easily accessable to me at Hobby Lobby. Compared to where the Quilt shop is located. I live in a limbo quilt store area!


  1. Carolyn, I highly suggest getting a roll of Invisigrip. It covers the entire backside of your ruler with a clear (repositionable) film that prevents it from slipping. One roll will cover several rulers and I have covered every ruler I have -- it's that good!

    1. Thanks Heather! I had no idea it existed! I will look for it the next time I am in there. Probabaly later in the week, or next week after Christmas sale.

      I debated bringing my issue up, and now I'm glad I did!

  2. I use those little dots too...and I do not use the other side of the ruler...I just turn it upside down...the strip is the proper size so I just make sure the flat edge is on the edge of the strip and do not look at the markings!!! That way you get the benefit of the grippers with both cuts. I also leave the cut stack pretty close to rest the ruler on so there is less rocking...I cut 10 layers at a time...not a recommendation...just the way that works for me!!
    XOXOXOO Subee